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Welcome to OZLAP – the Smiths big road trip.

We are a family of 6, preparing ourselves for the trip of a lifetime.

We are planning on leaving on our trip in January 2015. We have lots to organise but are slowly getting through the list.

We currently have a soft floor Tru Blu camper trailer that we are going to upgrade to a Jayco Swan outback with a few added extras.

We have a 2011 Toyota Landcruiser (aka Silver Fox)  that we bought in March 2012. It was stock standard and we are slowly upgrading with all the after market gear we would like.

We are very excited about this trip, as it has been a five year plan and what feels like a long time coming but all good things come to those that wait and wait and wait and wait……..

We plan on selling our house and culling a lot of our material possessions, of those bits and bobs we do keep we will put in storage for sometime in the future. Downsizing our house, our possessions and footprint to get back to basics and live.

  The man of the van is Nik, a 40 year old jack of all trades, master of none.

  Nik loves his girls, footy and tinkering, not always in that order either.

  Nik plans on being the chief driver and fisherman.

 The first lady of the van is Amy, a 38 year old nurse.

Amy loves to be organised and make lists, god help her……….

Amy will be the chief navigator, accountant and menu planner.



The second lady of the van is Bec.

Bec is 13 years old and in year 7.

Bec loves running, netball, nippers and surfing!


  The third lady of the van is Zoe.

Zoe is 11 years old and in year 5.

Zoe loves swimming, football, nippers and more swimming.


 The fourth lady of the van is Abby.

Abby is 9 years old and in year 3.

Abby loves swimming, netball, nippers and reading Harry Potter with her mum.


 The fifth and final lady of the van is Jesse.

Jesse is 7 years old and in year 1.

Jesse loves netball, animals, nippers and being the baby of the family.


So please join us as we share our adventures, Amy’s opinions and our new life doing the OZLAP.

As my uncle Pete would say


from the Smiths xx

26 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi guys, Garth and I are very excited for you all and hope you have a wonderful time exploring this great big country!!! Hopefully we will catch up with you all in somewhere sometime on your travels. Love to you all. xxxx

  2. It was wonderful spending some time with you all in Bright,loved reading your blog and look forward to reading the rest of your adventure, Jacqui xxxxxx.

  3. Hi Smith Family, hope your first few days have been happy safe and well. I think your all doing a fantastic thing, what a wonderful learning curve and discovery trip. Have fun. Love to all Rob and Max.

  4. Thanks for sharing guys – good luck on your trip. We head off from Newcastle in 7 weeks time with a 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter so it is great to read other families adventures. We are going anti-clockwise so will follow your blog and hopefully see you around this beautiful country of ours. Safe travels.

  5. Loved reading your latest blog Amy, great photos, I even act like a tourist around Geelong.Great film of your pack up in Bright, hope your working on improving your time ha ha. Where is your next destination?

  6. Absolutely loving your photos, am really green with envy, just love that red dirt. Whenever I’m near it I just feel so serene, its my favourite colour. You all look so happy to. Xxxx

  7. Very nice blog. It’s great that you can do this, and I am sure that the girls enjoy this immensely.
    I got your link from Martha 🙂

  8. Hi guys, great to speak to you tonight mate. Both Hayley and I are envious of your lifestyle. Love your website and will be following your journey. Mick, Hayley and Harper.

  9. Hi. We saw your rig today at secret harbour surf club, so I eagerly looked up your website when we got home. We are planning planning similar trip in the near future. I look forward to reading your blogs. Congratulations on getting out there and showing your kids our great country.

  10. Hi Amy, thanks, I replied personally to your return email to me regarding one of your photographs and my blog. Just re-reading, I didn’t realise you were a nurse. I am too!!!! and my dream is to eventually pack up and move up north to the Flinder’s and especially Hawker. In 2001 I packed up everything I needed into the back of my small Hyundai Excel Hatchback I owned at the time, and went to Alice Springs to live. I found a job within 2 weeks, and absolutely loved it. Used to go out to the McDonnell ranges with swag and friends every weekend. Made heaps of great friends and just loved everything about the beautiful red centre and N.T. in general. Hope you are enjoying your trip and what a wonderful thing for a family to do. No better education for the kids.
    Cheers Vicki Heneker. (p.s so easy to down size and now I never let clutter build up after realising how little I could live on.).

  11. Hi Amy, I just wanted to let you know I used the photograph “Windmill at Beltana” today in my blog (27/02/16). I also acknowledge your family and your great blog further down the paragraph, to encourage others to also check it out if they want. I just love your blog and the wonderful photographs especially. Once again, thanks for allowing me to use that photograph. Cheers for now. Vicki Heneker. Adelaide.

  12. Hi guys, just stumbled across your page on Instagram thanks to my wife who is always trawling families travelling pages. My wife and I are contemplating packing up and hitting the road with our 3 kids. We have an old van and an old 4×4 and keep finding reasons not to do it, but we just found another reason to do it thanks to your inspiring comments and photos! Keep up the good work. How many KM’s have you done so far? Safe travels, regards James & co.

    1. I too trawled and pretty much stalked many family travelling blogs before we travelled too!!! A good website and facebook page to have a look at is http://www.travelingaustraliawithkids.com, lots of good tips. We found the hardest thing for us to do was make the decision to travel, after that everything just seemed to fall into place, except that last week of packing, it was a nightmare……. We are glad we have inspired you, as that is one of the reason we are doing the blog as that it what helped us in the planning stages too. We have done about 38,000km so far and only done the bottom half……so much to see!!!
      Good luck with your planning and let us know when you take the plunge, it will be the best decision you’ll ever make. 🙂

  13. Just viewed your car leaving the cable beach caravan park,Sounds like a great trip Ron & Margaret (in the camper trailer as you went through the exit)

  14. Hi Mick, Amy and family, just finished watching your interview on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3nbBH_DRt8
    Great to listen about your trip so far. Just hit your site and forwarded the link off to my wife. We have been talking about a trip like this for ages.
    We are off next year but.. for only a few months.

    We are also looking at a Jayco expanda, and I just wanted to ask you how you find it.
    Set-up time
    Pack-up time
    And what you do if the pull-outs get wet?

    Hope you are still out there, we will keep an eye out for “the Silver Fox”

    Travel safe,

    1. Gday Steve,
      Great to here that your doing a trip. Its will be amazing, you guys will love it.
      With the Expanda its been fantastic since we upgraded from the Swan 7 months into our trip. Its big enough for all six of us (although we are mainly outside) It tows really well cause its not quiet as big as a full van. As for set up and pack up, its quick but we do have 6 of us doing it. We can be set up in about 10 mins and packed up in about 15-20 min depending on how much I do the night before. With the bed ends getting wet we have only had that happen when we picked it up back in VIC. We are a bit unique as we dont have it closed up for long. A couple of hours driving and we are setting up again so it hasnt been a problem to us.
      Hope that helps

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