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We made the decision very early on that our Landrover Discovery was not the car for our trip. It had broken down a few times in remote areas with some pretty major faults. We then had to make the choice of want we wanted. Some factors we needed to consider was price, reliability, comfort and availability of spare parts if we did break down. After many months of toing and froing between the Nissan Patrol and a Toyota Landcruiser. We ended up going with a Landcruiser. With time on our side we could research and find the best car for us.

In April 2012 we purchased a 2011 Toyota Landcruiser. Stock standard with no modifications. We bought it about 12 months earlier than we wanted to but it was a great deal. It also gave us plenty of time to add the mods I wanted to.


May 2012 

ARB Winch bar

3rd Battery (Optima 50 a/h)

ARB Roof Rack

ARB Side Awning

High Lift Jack

GME CB with remote head


September 2013 

OME Suspension with 600kg shocks


May 2014

Cooper ST MAXX (Happy so far. Will comment on wear as we go)

Update March 2017

Whilst I was happy with the wear of the Coopers they have let us down a few times and at the start of the month I replaced 2 of them with BFG A/T Ko2.

First let down was 40k wear on them and I started getting bubbling around the bead. Coopers tried to tell me it was the rims on the Cruiser were to soft and the wheels were spinning inside the tyre and the weights were cutting them. That didnt wash as we all know its BS. I ended up getting 3 replaced at half price.

Second let down was on one of the new tyres, it split about 50mm long on the side wall after 2500km. They replaced it for free.

Third let down was one of the other new tyres split again on the sidewall after 3500km. They replaced it for free.

Fourth let down and might not have been the tyres fault but Id had enough, was a blow out where the hole side wall just exploded. Yes a blow out can happen but was wasn’t going to buy any more.

I could justify spending the money to replace all 5 as 2 of the Coopers were still fairly new, so I replace 2 with the BFG, I have 2 Coopers on and one as the spare. When these Coopers need replacing I will swap them out with new BFG’s.

October 2014

ARB Side Rails and Steps

Kaymar Rear bar with twin jerry holder and spare wheel carrier

LoneRanger Long Range Tank (265 L)


February 2015

Powertech Digital Power Meter


A big Thank You to Brendan at ARB Pakenham who did a great job setting up Silverfox at ARB Pakenham and when he was at Dandenong.

Also to David at OZAUTO Seaford for some early work on Silverfox.






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