Northern NSW Coast down to Tathra

After we left Mooloolaba we planned to do a few overnight stops in order to spend a few days down at Tathra. We left on the Sunday and had decided to drive to Byron Bay to have lunch and a quick look around. Unfortunly we had overlooked the fact that it was a long weekend in NSWContinue reading “Northern NSW Coast down to Tathra”

I think I can, I think I can…………..nope, yes, nope, damn it yes!!!!

Finally September school holidays has arrived which means it is time to take the van away for a shakedown trip, and after we eventually got going, boy did we sort some stuff out!!! Now instead of boring you with a long post, I have managed to stretch the trip out into a few posts toContinue reading “I think I can, I think I can…………..nope, yes, nope, damn it yes!!!!”

Self suffiency, safety and sanity……….

The 4×4 show was held over the weekend at the Melbourne Showgrounds and as we aren’t able to make the ‘Leisurefest expo’ in October we decided to go along and grab some big purchases and hopefully some big savings!!!! Surprisingly we found out that ARB were not going to be there, so Nik spoke to his contact,Continue reading “Self suffiency, safety and sanity……….”

Our blog, privacy and internet security

At the moment while we are wishing the days and months away, we are having fun joining travelling groups on facebook and I am following a few blogs of fellow travellers that I have not met before. I have found their blogs via many of these facebook groups. Which brings me to the point ofContinue reading “Our blog, privacy and internet security”

The 3 P’s – Planning, preparing and procrastinating…..

Ok we do have a plan…………we know when we are leaving (give or take 2 weeks), we have the rig, we have our home, we have a guestimated route. Surely we just sit back now and wait till January?? Alas my bubble has burst and I’m struggling with where to actually begin. As a wholeContinue reading “The 3 P’s – Planning, preparing and procrastinating…..”

Why, our reasons for wanting to do the ‘big lap’

After the initial shock of discovering we will be travelling indefinitely, the next question we get asked is why so long???? Generally if I answer them properly we end up having an hour long discussion about the how and why of today’s life, so I have started using the KISS method and simply reply ‘BecauseContinue reading “Why, our reasons for wanting to do the ‘big lap’”

Your doing what……the good, the bad and the happy reactions of others.

We have had many different reactions from family, friends and strangers when we tell them we have sold up and are heading off around Australia indefinitely. The majority of reactions are positive, with the comment, ‘really with four girls………..gee your game’. Many people initially think it’s great until we tell them how long we are going for.Continue reading “Your doing what……the good, the bad and the happy reactions of others.”

Another Piece of the Puzzle

After much thought and research we have decided to upgrade to a Jayco Outback Swan. A trip to the Camping and Outdoors show in Melbourne, and a few phone calls backwards and forwards between 3 different Jayco dealers had us sign on the dotted line in early April, 2014. The estimated time for our camper to beContinue reading “Another Piece of the Puzzle”