I think I can, I think I can…………..nope, yes, nope, damn it yes!!!!

Finally September school holidays has arrived which means it is time to take the van away for a shakedown trip, and after we eventually got going, boy did we sort some stuff out!!! Now instead of boring you with a long post, I have managed to stretch the trip out into a few posts to keep it interesting!!!! So enjoy your read.

Our planned holiday would take us up to Mooloolaba for a week for a lifesaving training camp with Mornington Lifesaving Club, then a quick meander down the coast to home, all up we would be away for 2 ½ weeks using both caravan and free camping.

However, our bad luck started less than a week before we were leaving with Abby having a fight with a picket fence and coming off second best resulting in a weekend stay in hospital and surgery. We figured that was OK though, we can still do this trip as her follow up appointment with the surgeon was Thursday and we weren’t leaving until Friday, so if we got the OK we would still go!!!!

So after getting the OK from the surgeon we planned to pack Thursday afternoon and head off Friday morning about 5am, that was until Nik thought he would start without me…………. Long story short, the cabling on the wind up component of the van broke and after a frantic call to Jayco Nik was taking it down to hopefully be fixed first thing Friday morning.

All good though, we figured everything was still OK and we were still going……..just perhaps a little bit behind schedule ……..

Great news!!!!!! The van was able to be fixed by 11:30, so then it was a frantic last minute quick pack and we were gone at 1:30pm (after a quick McDonalds lunch). After a big deep breath and a sigh of relief we were finally on our way!!! We planned to get to our final destination by Sunday afternoon as the training camp started on the Monday morning, so we had a few kilometres we had to cover in the meantime.

BUT just after my sigh of relief and pretty much at the moment I relaxed Nik informed me that the fuel filter system warning light had come on in the car…………….cue pleasant word and a quick phone call to our Toyota dealer, and we figured we had to get the problem fixed sooner rather than later. Now we had encountered the very same problem some 70,000 kilometres ago in Mildura, so Nik knew how to fix it and had the spare part……….sitting in the garage 40 minutes away at home. As luck (haha) would have it we were passing Toyota in Essendon so pulled off the freeway and called in to see if they could pretty please fix it now. Thankfully they fit us in and we were back on the road within the hour.

OK, this time we were off, I mean really off, nothing was stopping us now and damn it we weren’t turning around for anything, but I never did relax for some reason, thinking that perhaps the universe was telling us that we weren’t meant to be going away?????????

Thankfully Nik and I are a both stubborn Taurus bulls and refused to listen to what the universe was trying to tell us and kept going on our merry way determined to have this holiday!!!!!! We figure things happened in 3’s and bloody hell we had definitely had our 3!!!

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