Self suffiency, safety and sanity……….

The 4×4 show was held over the weekend at the Melbourne Showgrounds and as we aren’t able to make the ‘Leisurefest expo’ in October we decided to go along and grab some big purchases and hopefully some big savings!!!!

Surprisingly we found out that ARB were not going to be there, so Nik spoke to his contact, Brendan at Pakenham ARB to arrange the last bit of modifications for Silverfox. So at the moment we are waiting another month or so to add a long range fuel tank, color coded rear bar with jerry can holders and side bar rails. Brendan gave us a really good deal which was about $1500 cheaper than when we last got a quote 10 months ago. Now we wait……

So having organised Silverfoxes new wardrobe we decided we needed to tick a few things off our list. First up was the solar panels, OMG there are so many out there, different brands, different watts, too much choice I think. We ended up purchasing a portable 120W Solar Panel kit from Adelaide based ’12Volt Direct’ stall. It came with a padded carry case and Nik also bought extra cable. Not a bad price either, seemed to be middle of the road with what is out there. Now we just need to wait for the sun!!!!


Next on the list was a satellite phone for safety when we are remote. On many small camping trips we have been on, it is very common for us to have no phone reception for a few days, whether that be at a remote camp (near Cameron’s Corner) or on the road in between country towns. So with this in mind and our track record for breaking down (of course not in Silverfox!!!) we bought our Isatphone Pro from Timeplus Communications as well as a hard case that is dust and water proof. We only intend on using the sat phone in emergencies as the costs are ridiculous, so we have decided to purchase a credit plan just prior to us leaving in January.                                        IMG_2434

We then went to a few stalls getting different prices on Waeco fridges, after dragging the girls around for 40 minutes we decided to go back to the ‘Opposite Lock’ stall who gave us a good deal on an 80L Waeco fridge/ freezer and cover. Thankfully we didn’t need to take it home from the show and will pick it up at the Dandenong store asap. Pictures and post to follow!!!!

Lastly, to go with our new 24 inch TV from Kogan, we purchased an 85cm satellite dish from the guys at Itechworld based in Rivervale, WA.  Once again due to its size they will be shipping it over to us in the next couple of weeks free of charge!!! Pictures and post to follow.

So all in all it was a productive day, Nik’s wallet was lighter but most importantly our list was getting smaller!!!!



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