Our blog, privacy and internet security

At the moment while we are wishing the days and months away, we are having fun joining travelling groups on facebook and I am following a few blogs of fellow travellers that I have not met before. I have found their blogs via many of these facebook groups. Which brings me to the point of this post, privacy and security.

We are constantly reminded about online issues regarding internet trolls and nasty people so we are always very wary and vigilant when our kids are using the internet. But we have had an inner battle in regards to whether to make our blog public or private, we want to protect our kids yet we want to share our blog with family and friends and friends of friends and family……… We were, ourselves inspired by a few blogs we were following over the years and they helped us in making the decision to leap into the unknown.

So after much thought and deliberation we have decided to keep our blog public using a few tactics to protect our family along the way.

– posting our blog after the fact.

– not going into too much detail about where we intend to head to next before we get there

– only posting photos of the girls that we are comfortable for people to see (so sorry, no cute nudie in the bucket photos).

We tend not to be ‘helicopter parents’ and therefore we refuse to be frightened or forced to change our ways because of the few bad people out there. We choose to have faith in the kindness of strangers and mankind and unfortunately with the good also comes the bad. But this bad doesn’t just live on the internet, they can also be driving past the kids school or see myself and the kids at the movies or the park or any other public place. This therefore does not mean that we will wrap our kids in cotton wool and that we will never take our kids out in public again and this also applies to the internet.

So, for the time being at least we are out there and proud, we will live and blog the way we want too!!!!

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