The 3 P’s – Planning, preparing and procrastinating…..

Ok we do have a plan…………we know when we are leaving (give or take 2 weeks), we have the rig, we have our home, we have a guestimated route. Surely we just sit back now and wait till January??

Alas my bubble has burst and I’m struggling with where to actually begin. As a whole it looks and feels overwhelming, so I may need to take little bites and do things bit by bit. I am proud to say we (more so I) have started a list. As a woman I love a good list and also as a woman I barely make it past the second task of my list. However some of the list will thankfully be completed after a lengthy and expensive day trip to the 4X4 show in August, credit card at the ready.

It is a generic list and quite broad including things like

– completing the car set up with long range fuel tank underneath and rear bar (Nik)

– solar panels (Nik)

– Maxtrax (Nik)

– preparing documents and resumes that we need to bring along with us (me)

– organising doctors and dental appointments (me with Nik complying!!!!)

– going through our storage unit again and doing yet another tip run (both of us on  a rare day off)

– going to see Distance Education for kids schooling (both, ha who am I kidding, just me)

– spending a day at Telstra to figure out our best options for internet etc (sooo not my department, NIK ),

– purchasing a satellite phone and appropriate plan (Nik)

– do we take a portable washing machine????? (me convincing Nik)

– do we take a portaloo???? (yep me convincing Nik)

The list tends to grow by the day, with seemingly more questions than tasks. Then there is that nasty niggly feeling that we have forgotten something really big and important………….yet I can’t seem to work out what that is. We figure we can also buy and pick up things we find we need along the way so I shouldn’t be getting too stressed.

As for exactly how we plan on fitting everything in and still being under gross weight………………….all I can say is that I have paused my Candy Crush obsession and have started practising Tetris. Also trying to use the age old camping rule of ‘everything that is packed has to have at least 2 uses, if it doesn’t it stays home’. Now if I may digress here, the portaloo comes to mind, use number 1 is fairly obvious there and use number 2 is that it keeps me sane as any camping Mum knows the day is full of flippin toilet trips, with no 2 children ever needing to go at the same time!!!!! Also the washing machine, it washes cloths PROPERLY and easily and saves us at least $6 per load. Clearly these two pieces of equipment fall under this rule, BUT as to whether or not they make the cut……I’ll keep you posted!!!!

We have a few shakedown trips planned over the next couple of months, firstly to Mooloolaba in QLD for a lifesaving camp. Admittedly we are staying in a caravan park but at least we will be able to gauge our storage needs and as always Nik will find something to tinker with and add on, perhaps a holder for my washing machine 😉 Then a few little weekenders along the Bellarine Peninsula.

As well as trying to complete all of the above we will continue on running around after the kids and working, which is where the third P comes in, procrastinating, it is so much easier.

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