Any which way but East

Without too much discussion or research we have decided that we would like to head west first. At this stage NSW and south QLD can wait awhile till we come knocking on their door.

Starting in January 2014, we plan to meander our way to Lorne and the Great Ocean Road, then head to SA. We have already been to a few places along the coast being Warnambool, Nelson, Mt Gambier and Robe. We will certainly call in to Mt Gambier again and check out the sink holes as we loved them last time we went there. We are looking forward to heading back to Robe again for the beach track, it was great driving experience last time. Also on our list is to call into Goolwa (the mouth of the Murray).

Robe onwards is unchartered territory for us so we will play it by ear from here on in. Our rough route has us heading through Adelaide and then onto Flinders Ranges. We have been to the Flinders Ranges before and fell in love with the place and look forward to having a much more detailed exploration than last time.

Moving on from Flinders Ranges we will head to the Oodnadatta Track, Cooper Pedy, Uluru and to Alice. Depending on when we get to Alice I may look into working a bit or not as we have a lot of exploring to do up there, Kings Canyon, West McDonnell and East McDonnell Ranges. We have also spoken briefly about doing the Simpson Desert crossing to Birdsville, then down the Birdsville Track and back up again. In summary we will be in the lower NT area for the Winter months.

In Spring we may head down towards the coast, we want to head to the Eyre Peninsula so may have to miss out on coming down Googs Track as I recall from memory that this may bring us out to far West for our liking. From the Eyre Peninsula we will head to Ceduna and the Nullabor, hoping to not be too late to see the whale migration along the bight. At the Balladonia Roadhouse on the Nullabor we plan to turn south off the bitumen and take the road less travelled and follow beach tracks along the coast bringing us into Esperance via Cape Le Grand National Park.

After wandering along the south coast of WA we hope to be in Mandurah and Rockingham for Christmas 2015 with Mums family.

From here onwards we will travel with the seasons, that’s if we don’t fall in love with the Pilbara and decide to stay a while……………….

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