The final countdown.

Well after 5 years talking and thinking about our trip, we are now only down to just 6 days. Nik finished up working at Christmas, whilst I finish up on the Wednesday before we go.

Nik has been busy ferrying the kids around to all their goodbye plays as well as the beach, nippers, life saving carnivals and organising registrations for the Mornington Life Saving Clubs biggest fundraiser, the ‘Bloody Big Swim’. He has also most importantly, made a trip to Vicroads to finally register and put our new plates ‘OZLAP’ on Silverfox.

IMG_2746                             IMG_2726


I have kept busy working and catching up with all my coffee buddies. One particular night Nik, myself and the girls headed out for a quiet dinner at the Franskton RSL with the bestie Elissa, only to be walking through the carpark into the RSL recognising the cars of all our family and friends. Elissa, unbeknown to us, had organised a farewell gathering, well we could have killed her!!! Admittedly it was great to catch up and say goodbye and the girls had a ball with their mates, so Elissa is off the hook and we love her for being a gorgeous friend. As usual we were too busy having fun we actually forgot to take photos…….something we will have to change otherwise this will be a pretty boring blog!!!!!

In regards to packing, we seem to be fairly organised at the minute, we have spent a day reorganising the storage shed, doing a tip run and then putting more stuff to storage, so we are only left with what needs to go on the car and in or on the van. The car and top of the van can be packed now but unfortunly the rest needs to wait until the day we leave. Our plan is to clean and pack Monday then head off on Tuesday 20th January, 2015!!!!


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