Another Piece of the Puzzle

After much thought and research we have decided to upgrade to a Jayco Outback Swan. A trip to the Camping and Outdoors show in Melbourne, and a few phone calls backwards and forwards between 3 different Jayco dealers had us sign on the dotted line in early April, 2014. The estimated time for our camper to be on the production line and completed was 12 weeks………. happily though in the meantime we were able to sell our Tru Blu soft floor camper.

Well finally after what felt like a very long 12 weeks we picked up our Jayco Swan Outback from Page Bros Jayco in Seaford, Melbourne on Monday July 7th 2014. We were very excited and happy to finally have our new “house”. We have slowly started to get it ready for the trip, purchasing plates, bowls, cutlery and of course new matching linen.


Currently it is set up in our backyard and as we are in the depths of winter here in Melbourne it is often pouring with rain, absolutely freezing and the wind chill is ridiculous so it is getting a thorough water proofing.

As it was school holidays, as soon as we had set the van up on the Monday night, the girls all dragged their doonas out there and have slept in it for the remainder of the freezing holidays. They must love it because it is soooooo cold.

So the next thing I guess is that we must start thinking of a name for Silverfox’s new partner………………………..



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