Your doing what……the good, the bad and the happy reactions of others.

We have had many different reactions from family, friends and strangers when we tell them we have sold up and are heading off around Australia indefinitely. The majority of reactions are positive, with the comment, ‘really with four girls………..gee your game’. Many people initially think it’s great until we tell them how long we are going for.


Many people have concerns about how we are schooling and socialising the girls, especially our 13 year old. We have decided to school via Distance Education, a school in Thornbury that specialises in teaching kids who are travelling for pleasure, business or sport. We will pay them a visit in December to enrol and collect next years work.

Confined spaces and killing each other

Another concern for people is that we will all kill each other after spending time together in such a small living space. This may very well be the case at times, at many times to be truthful, but perhaps once we all learn to live with each other again instead of alongside each other we will all learn to cope.  There are no stresses, time frames or places to be because we are simply there enjoying it. It may take a bit of getting used to but I think we all enjoy each other’s company enough to persevere through the tough times.


Other concerns are about our jobs. We have decided that we will both semi retire for the moment, how long that moment is, well who has a crystal ball. We are both prepared to ‘work’ doing whatever comes our way, knowing that there are jobs out there as long as you go out there and try to get them.

Not being in the housing market

Selling our house gave us a chance to travel without the stress of responsibilities back home. Plus we felt we have been in Somerville long enough (17 years) and weren’t too sure where we wanted to resettle, in short we felt like we needed a sea or tree change. Therefore we decided to sell up and ship out. If and when we resettle we will rent for a while to see where we like.

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