Part Six, The Red Centre Way, Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory

Once again we were up, hiking bags packed and ready early for our day trip out to Kata Tjutu National Park, otherwise known as The Olgas. I was looking forward to reading about the history and culture of Katu Tjutu however no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find any signs or information anywhere. We all wondered out loud and thought perhaps as Katu Tjutu was a sacred mens place that no stories were allowed to be shared, in fact later in the day in downtown Yulara this reason was actually confirmed for us!!!! Today we were going to be hiking a tough ‘grade 4 – difficult, 7.4km, 4hr walk’ called The Valley of the Winds. I hadn’t heard much about this walk and asking around I realised not many people had done it and I wondered as to how we would go as we had walked over 10kms the previous day. We drove the 50km to Kata Tjuta National Park, arriving at about 10ish and started heading up to the first lookout, Karu Lookout, surprisingly we arrived there fairly quickly as it was only 1km in.

Karu Lookout.

The view as usual around here was great but we had only just scratched the surface so we headed onto Karingana Lookout. Karingana was situated in one of the valleys of the huge ancient sand dunes and was like a window into the middle of Kata Tjuta. The rock formation here was very different to Uluru, where Uluru was flat smooth rock, Kata Tjutu was a combination of sandstone and huge gibber rocks, the formations even looked like they had been built by man and were very rough. This however did not make them any less awesome and huge and every turn of our heads was a photo ready to be taken. 

Karingana Lookout.
Ancient Sandhills.
Our little troopers!!!!!
Nik and Simon.
Panorama of Kata Tjuta.
Abs on the hike.
The girls spotted a face in this rock, can you see it?????
Views from the eastern end of the walk.
Family shot 🙂


The amazing Kata Tjuta
The colors of Kata Tjuta

We stopped at Karingana Lookout for morning tea however when we heard 2 bus loads of high school students coming up the track we decided to eat on the run!!!! A little while later we reached half way and were all wondering when the ‘hard’ part of the walk would be. The rest of our walk was around the eastern side of Kata Tjuta and was fairly flat but rocky, we managed to get quite a few great photos of the sand dunes, however before we knew we were back at the first lookout and back at the carpark in no time.

We were back to camp just after lunch and spent the rest of the day relaxing and lounging around considering the amount of kilometres we had covered in the last week. Nik and I popped down to the shops and had a quick look at the daily market they have, some of the paintings were great and we were able to recognise the ones telling the stories of Uluru. We decided we would come back in the morning and see what they were painting then and see if anything grabbed me. After our huge week we were happy to spend the next day relaxing before we headed off onto our next adventure and destination on our OZLAP……………


One thought on “Part Six, The Red Centre Way, Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory

  1. Hi Amy, Nik and girls,
    Just a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. Central Australia is a really special place, and you will have the photos and memories forever. I don’t know how you will be able to settle back into a “normal” life after Ozlap is finished. We will probably have to organise counselling and therapy for you all! Safe travels and I look forward to following the rest of your journey.

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