Six months on the road, time for reflection.



They say time flies when your having fun, which is certainly spot on for us. Its still hard to believe and it seems surreal that we have been on our dream trip now for 6 months already. I often look back at the blog and those early days seem like years ago, we have all grown and done so much more since then. It seems we have settled in to life on the road with relative ease and quite frankly can’t imagine going back to the hussle and bussle in which we lived life before.

However we do miss our family and friends a hell of a lot, quite often we find ourselves wishing that everyone could be here with us. Whilst facebook is a great medium to still ‘stay in the know’ to the goings on back home its still not the same. Whilst I have managed to find a decent coffee and pedicurist in Alice, it’s still not the same sitting there without my bestie and finishing a conversation we started 3 weeks ago after school drop off. Nik has watched all the Collingwood games on TV via satellite and he and his brother are constantly texting during the game, but its still not as good as being there in person with his best mate. The girls are doing well keeping in touch with their friends via instagram, Skype, email and good old fashioned letters, but they do worry that their mates will all forget them.

HOWEVER we are all in strong agreeance that we wouldn’t dare stop travelling and go back to our old life. We have each met some wonderful people on the road, one family in particular (they know who they are), and as a family have shared some awesome experiences. Yes, we occasionally, OK always, yell and scream at each other and on the odd occasion there has even been fisty cuffs but we all agree we seem to work really together. We all know each other more so now and know when we need to back off and give someone some space, we don’t always do it but at least we recognise it!!! However these moments seem to be incorporated with school time more so than any other time. We eat all our meals together, sometimes in roaring fits of laughter, sometimes with more talking than eating and also sometimes in complete silence. We all pitch in and have our jobs to do when it comes to washing, cooking and cleaning up and now that we have a roster set up there is no more bickering.

In reflection of our last 6 months we have found that the good parts far outweigh the not so good parts. The not so good parts are no big deal and we can’t actually remember what they are. Without sounding too much like a cliché, we have never been happier or closer as a family and most importantly we have great open communication with each other, sometimes a little to direct, but hey we’re not perfect!! We are definitely ‘living the dream’.

OK, enough of the soul searching talk, we will move onto stats and facts now.

  • We have been on the road for 186 days.
  • We have travelled  13,488kms.
  • We have spent $4,089 on diesel.
  • We have only had one tyre puncture which Nik fixed himself.
  • We have had the car serviced twice already.
  • We have packed and unpacked a total of  52 times.
  • We have spent an average of  $31 per night on accomodation
  • Including Victoria we have visited 4 states/ territories.
  • We have been to one rock concert.
  • We have spent a whopping $11,862 on groceries.
  • We have seen one budget being thrown out the window.
  • We have stopped counting the amount of loads of washing we have done.
  • I haven’t vacummed or cleaned a bathroom in 6 months 😉

Lastly we all wrote down our favourite moments and what we have enjoyed the most so far:

Nik:     Travelling the Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks.

Amy:    Uluru Base walk and Mala walk and Moonta Bay.

Bec:     Learning about the Aboriginal culture and meeting new people.

Zoe:    Meeting new people, staying at farm stays, Moonta Bay, Grampians and also being relaxed and not having to rush everywhere.

Abby:  Staying at farm stays, exploring around Alice Springs and I really liked Moonta Bay.

Jess:   Feeding the baby animals every day and night at Beltana Station.


Where we have been.


One thought on “Six months on the road, time for reflection.

  1. What a wonderfull trip you are on,just love it ,well done.So much to look back on in years to come just go go go.We are following you from england — Brendons godfather and derek and sue,s bestman form all those years ago.Love to you all and keep the pics flowing.Regards Chris and Anne roberts …glos.xx

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