The rendezvous……

28th August to 9th September

We left Alice Springs on time and on schedule and set a new early morning record for ourselves, 8am……. We were on a mission and quite simply we had 3 nights and 4 days in which to accomplish it!!  First stop we stayed at Coober Pedy, then onto Mount Remarkable (just south of Port Augusta), made it to the border at Bordertown and finally after a short 150km drive and a blown, if not absolutely shredded tyre on the van, we arrived in Horsham.

As usual Dad will fix it!!!!
Mmmm, what a ripper!!!
Yes that was a tyre….

However, whilst the driving was complete, we still had a lot to do in a few short days!!! First off we had to unpack the WHOLE van into a 2 bedroom cabin we had hired for a few days. We were gobsmacked at the amount of stuff that actually came out of the van, and wondered as to just how and where we had managed to fit it in. Finally, after we had overflowed out onto the verandah and adjoining lawn, we were unpacked and then prayed that the park owners wouldn’t throw us out for turning the cabin into a junkyard and halfway house. Thankfully they were nice and understanding of our predicament (the living in a van and being homeless one….), but we were punished by the weather gods as it poured with rain for the next 48 hours…………. As Nik and I got stuck into sorting, cleaning and throwing out, the girls, without us realising, had completely unpacked ALL of their stuff into the cabins wardrobe provided in their little room of bunks, they had then set about decorating the room with posters and pictures all over the walls and doors……….looking at what they had done you would have thought we had settled in for the long haul.

So much stuff!!!
Holy cow how much stuff did we have!!!!

And so D day came and by 10:30 the next day we had thankfully taken possession of our new van, the Jayco Outback Expanda. Richard and Andrew from Horsham Jayco had stayed true to their word and as promised we had smoothly swapped our smaller, miniscule storage campervan for a MUCH bigger pop top caravan. In true form the Victorian weather came to the party again and it poured rain from 9am to 9pm that day, however it didn’t stop us from attempting to repack everything, even if it did take us well into the night.

We have gone from this….
and this…..
and this…
and this….
To this…..
and this…..
Horsham A
and this….
Horsham B
and this……

We then moved into the new van the next day and spent a few days acquainting ourselves to the new set up, with everyone asking me where everything was and me having no idea where I actually put it, ‘somewhere in here’ was my automatic response for a few days.

We were then really spoilt with a visit over the weekend from my Mum, my brother, sister in law and his adorable boys. Thankfully Horsham cooperated and provided us with a bit of sun and no rain and Aunty Jo was awesome and very kind in cooking up a big brekky for Nik and Darren on Fathers Day!!!  We had a wonderful, loud and busy catch up, visited a few local markets and found it hard to say goodbye. We all got our fix of cuddling and chasing around our little nephews/ cousins, even though I had to fight off the girls for it!!! I think we have mentally scarred the poor boys for life!!!!!

Nik with his Fathers Day presents. He was excited to receive what looked like a big package of cocaine!!!!! However when one has no wrapping paper at 9pm the night before Fathers Day, one has to improvise and use the tin foil and plastic bags available!!!!!!

After the weekend we were then lucky enough to have Nik’s parents come and stay for a few days to catch up, although the weather had turned on us again with rain and what felt like sub zero temperatures, we had a great time with them, even venturing to the local greyhounds for a little flutter, I think we came out even…….

And so after a blind leading the blind pack up of our new van, with countless checking then rechecking and then even more rechecking we moseyed on out of Horsham heading for warmer pastures north, we were excited (albeit a bit nervous) about our next adventure and destination on our OZLAP……………


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