Mandurah part 2, WA, 2016.

1st January to 2nd March

Another highlight of our time here in Mandurah was catching up with our travelling soulmates the Leeds. We had decided to get together at the beach up in Fremantle, Woodmans Point and it just happened to be nearly 6 months to the day when we had parted ways way back when back in Alice Springs. We spent a great day with the Leeds and it felt like we had only left them yesterday. We played in the park had a bbq lunch and a few swims down at the beach. Nik, Simon and the kids also had fun jumping off the jetty, with Nik apparently performing one hell of a handstand and half somersault off the jetty and into the water…….Unfortunately his timing was off, perhaps due to lack of training and fitness……..and the half somersault into the water was more of a three quarter belly flop onto the water…. All I can say is thank god I didn’t see it, all I saw was Nik gingerly walking out of the water holding his back and not saying much…. We had a great day and realised how much we had missed travelling with the Leeds, however we did discuss future travels for when we head north, so stay tune for that one!!!!

smeeds at park
Smiths and Leeds at the park.

Another day had the kids and I spending the day with Rob and Max travelling by train up to the Perth Mint. Jess had earlier mentioned to Rob and Max that she had never been on a train before, poor child…. So it was then decided that we would catch the train up to Perth, which was really our only option as we would not all fit in the one car anyway. It was quite funny watching the girls on the train, realising what we tend to take for granted the girls got a real kick out of, and to make it even better we only paid $12 for a family ticket which included 3 adults and 5 kids…… go figure!!! We had a great time at the mint and got to do the tour which showed you how they make a gold bullion as well as getting to see the $1 million gold coin. We then caught a bus to Kings Park and had a lovely lunch, then caught the bus back down to the station and caught the train home. We all had a great day and now Jess can cross train trip off her list, although now she keeps harping on about never being on a plane………

The girls at the Perth Mint.
The statue at the Perth Mint.

During January, Bec also used her plane ticket home and spent 2 weeks hanging out with friends, cousins, auntie and uncle and of course Nanny, Nan and GP. She had a great time, bought far too many clothes but also spent some time volunteering at a few junior life saving carnivals as water safety with Zahli. And thankfully before too long she was safely back in the van with us (much to her disgust), it took a week or two of readjusting but I think in a way she was glad to be back.

bec in vic 1
Bec and her crazy lifesaving buddies.


bec in vic 2
Bec and her girls…..

And so by the end of February it was time to say our goodbyes to Rob and Max and be forever grateful and thankful for their neverending hospitality and open arms. We all had a great time staying at Chateau De Burton, the girls loved their surrogate grandparents, Nik enjoyed being able to use power tools in Max’s shed and I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the many conversations and coffees I had with my lovely aunties, Rob and Peta. Having grown up on the opposite side of the continent to them it was great being able to spend time with them and I will certainly miss them both!! It was certainly sad to say goodbye to everyone, aunties, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins and other people somehow related to me via a cousin. However after 3 months in Mandurah its time for us to move onwards and upwards on our next adventure on our OZLAP………

selfie at airport
Our Smith selfie as we dropped Bec off at the airport.


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