Barn Hill, Western Australia.

We left Point Samson early for a big day of driving, as the further north we go the further apart things are becoming. We quickly called into Port Hedland Woolworths to pick up some fresh bread and milk, however decided against heading down to the port, we all voted we had seen enough big ships and iron ore for the moment. Our stop that night was a free camp called DeGreys about 120km north of Port Hedland, we found a spot along the river, however it was a bit disappointing as the river was a bit manky due to a poor wet season. Apparently after a good wet season the river is flowing beautifully and the place gets quite full over the winter months. We only stayed one night here as the weather was really starting to heat up now, with minimum temperatures barely dropping below the high 20’s, needless to say we were all wilting and were in need of a swim!!!

Campsite at DeGreys campground.
20160501_135525 - Copy
Hanging out with the locals at DeGreys.
20160501_141312 - Copy
DeGreys river bridge.
20160501_141308 - Copy
The manky water after a poor wet season.

After we left DeGreys we stopped in at 80 mile beach for lunch, the beach was so nice we decided to drop the tyre pressures and take the car and van down to the beach for a spot of lunch. We got some great photos and enjoyed our lunch however it was stinking hot yet again so we decided to retreat to the car air conditioning and head to our next destination, Barnhill Station.

80 Mile Beach.
Abs and Bec at 80 Mile Beach.
Having lunch down at the beach.
As you do!!!
Looking back from the beach over the sand dune to lush green grass of the caravan park.
We made a friend at a roadhouse on the way to Barnhill Station.
Checking out a rusty old fridge at the Sandfire roadhouse

Barnhill Station is a working cattle station located about 100km south of Broome and as we had a few days up our sleeve we decided to stop here before we hit the hustle and bustle of big town Broome. We set up along the ridge with beach views and spent the next couple of days relaxing with the cows, swimming and fishing at the beach. The sunsets were magical, the lowering sun lighting up and enhancing the red rock of the cliffs was amazing and the photos just don’t do it justice. Barnhill was quite a busy little station stay, with many grey nomads already setting up for their Winter break up here, thankfully though there was not many people out with us in the unpowered section. The station also has a bowling green for the many lawn bowl comps they hold over the season and a kiosk that sells ice cream and freshly baked bread. Unfortunately we were about 3 weeks to early as they don’t start the bread baking until June… stale bread for breakfast for us.

Our set up at Barnhill Station.
Views from the caravan.
Our open air amenities.
Nothing like showering under the stars….
Our private goat track down to the beach.
Our private beach, we had it all to ourselves.
Barnhill’s own version of the lost city……
4 square at the beach.
Washing the sand off our feet, however a passing calf decided he was thirsty and seeing that he was bigger then us we moved aside and waited for him to have his drink…..
Sunset colors…..
Another day in paradise finished.

Unfortunately with supplies running low and temperatures running extremely high, we decided to pack up and head into the big smoke on our next adventure and destination on our OZLAP……………………

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