Western Australia wrap up!!!

Our WA stats are:

  • 9 1/2 months or 295 days
  • 31,492 kms,
  • 59 camp set ups
  • 16 national parks

Our top 5’s are (in no particular order):

Nik –         Steep Point, Karijini National Park, Francois Peron National Park, Gibb River Road and Esperance.

Amy-        The Gibb River Road, Steep Point, Margaret River, Broome (for the life saving club and visits from family and friends back home)   and our stay at Mandurah (purely as we got to spend time with my family xxx)

Bec-           Karijini National Park, Ningaloo, The Gibb River Road, Margaret River and Broome for the life saving carnival.

Zoe-           Ningaloo, The Gibb River Road, Margaret River, Lucky Bay National Park and Steep Point.

Abby-        Karajini National Park, The Gibb River Road, Margaret River, Esperance and Steep Point.

Jess-          Ningaloo, The Gibb River Road, Lake Argyle, Karajini National Park and Red Dog at Dampier.

The scenery and places of WA have been more than we could have imagined, however we are a bit wary now as we think it will take a lot for mother nature to impress us anymore, as what she has created in WA is beyond spectacular.

We have also met some fantastic, warm and friendly people who have also made our stay enjoyable. Whilst we all believe the scenery is what impressed us the most, a lot of our top 5’s were made all the more special because of the people we spent time with, my Mum and her sisters Rob, Peta and Carol and their respective other halves and families down in Mandurah, having coffee with the Cullen/Berrimans in Lucky Bay down in Esperance, the Leeds for the top half of WA and especially The Gibb River Road, the Mol’s in the Pilbara, the Fredin’s in Karratha and finally the McClymonts, the McFarlanes, the McAuleys and Nan and GP (Niks parents) in Broome. As well as all the other travelling families and people we have crossed paths with as we made our way through the state.

But having only covered half of Australia we think we are up for the challenge to try and be ‘out wowed’ by the rest of this country, so farewell WA and G’day again to the Northern Territory. We are very excited and looking forward to the next chapter, adventure and as always destination on our OZLAP…………………

The Northern Territory welcomes us back!!!



3 thoughts on “Western Australia wrap up!!!

  1. Was such a pleasure to have you all here and catch up and we still miss you. Only yesterday we both said where are the Smith girls when you need them, lol had 2 lambs born and Mum has disowned them. Max is now their Mum feeding them a bottle poor little darlings. Anyway we are so glad you are having such a great time and continue to do so. Love your blogs and photos so will look forward to lots more. Enjoy Darwin and we hope its not too humid during summer, but knowing you lot it will be fine. Lots of love to you all Rob and Max xx

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