The Overland Telegraph Track (OTT), Cape York, QLD

The drive from Weipa to Bramwell Station was a surprisingly smooth and short one, the road was immaculate and was actually a better run than most bitumen roads we had driven on. Given the distance was only about 150km, we arrived at Bramwell around lunchtime, after setting up we had a wander around the homesteadContinue reading “The Overland Telegraph Track (OTT), Cape York, QLD”

Atherton Tablelands & Cairns, QLD

After a few weeks of hot, dry, dusty, desert, rocky and hot (yes I know I said it twice but it really was) weather and landscape, we were all very excited to be heading to the Atherton Tablelands. Not only for the lush green landscape and fresh fruit and vegetables, but most importantly to beContinue reading “Atherton Tablelands & Cairns, QLD”

The Overlander & Inland Way, QLD

As customary on our state border crossings we stopped at the NT/ QLD border to stretch our legs and take a photo of the state sign, then as was the case on this hot outback Summer day, we quickly retreated back to the cool air conditioned comfort of the car to continue on. As itContinue reading “The Overlander & Inland Way, QLD”