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We have been too Ocean Grove, Lorne and now Torquay. We are in Torquay because Mornington LSC WERE having a lifesaving training session in the surf but because the waves were so little they moved it to Portsea. We have been down the beach a lot which is fun.

Nanny is down here as well for the weekend so it’s good to see her. She is staying with her friends, Rhonda and John. We had dinner and a sleepover there which was fun.

Today is the last day of Summer ;( It hasn’t been the hottest summer but it’s been fun, patrolling for the first time, hanging out with friends and lifesaving in general.

School work is good I’m 2 weeks ahead. It’s pretty easy.

I did this life jacket trial thing for Surf Life Saving Aus and got a free $75 Westfeild gift voucher! It’s interesting because they are thinking of bringing them in for competition but my argument is that we are lifesavers, we don’t need life jackets. We should know how to swim. Oh well whatever ✌️Bec


On Tuesday 20th of January we left for our big trip. Our first destination was south of Bright, Smoko.

Our friend’s the Schwind’s came and we celebrated Bayley’s birthday by having lunch at the Bright Brewery.

We have been to the lolly shop and the water park in Bright.

We visited Harrietville, picked blueberries and went to Joops Jetty.

We had one of the biggest storms that we have been in. We started to flood out the front, but it only lasted 20-30 minutes.

We went on two walks, Canyon walk(5km) and Cherry walk(5km). I took some photos. Hears one of them.


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