And away we go, again………………………

31st January to 10th Feb 2015

For the second time in 2 weeks we quietly snuck out of Mornington again and made our way over to the Bellarine Peninsula. We chose to stay at Ocean Grove, as we have never been here before, it was a short drive and we had a Junior Lifesaving Carnival here on the 8th Feb.

We stayed at the Riverview Family Caravan Park for the duration of our stay, 10 days in total. The caravan park was a great park with excellent amenities and they only charged per site not per person, which for us is fantastic. The sites were huge which is always a good thing for us as we tend to spread out quite easily. We initially had a site that was a long way from the surf beach, so when we were checking in we requested something a wee bit closer, they were more than happy to oblige and we found ourselves on a great site with some lovely longer term neighbours. Our neighbours were all staying there until Easter, they all loved the girls and were quite impressed with how the girls all pulled their weight during set up and pack up. I went for a few early morning walks along the beach and watched some amazing sunrises.


We quickly noticed the difference between weekdays and weekends, with the park becoming quite full over the weekends, which didn’t impress us too much!!! But at least it gave us an indication as to what day it was. It amazed us that people had no regard or respect for others, particularly of a night time, as the park was so still and quiet it felt like they were sitting in our van having a party whilst their kids were running around our bed yelling and screaming!!!  Rant over………….(sorry I should have pre-warned you!!!)

Our first few days were spent doing schoolwork as the weather was fairly ordinary. We spent the morning doing schoolwork then went for walks, or to the beach or explored the park in the afternoons. I’m skipping over the finer details of these mornings, with the grumpiness (no not me) and one storm out and MIA (no not me again) in hope that the more routine and familiar it becomes the easier it is…………

One day we went into Geelong to get a few things for the van, we decided to head down the to the Geelong foreshore for lunch. It was a beautiful spot and as usual the girls enjoyed the play on the playground while I walked around taking photos like a tourist.

IMG_2977 IMG_2974 IMG_2970 IMG_2965

On the way home we decided to call into ‘Little Creatures Brewery’ , it is located in South Geelong in an old wool mill factory. It is a very trendy place and has been well set up, I loved the detail in the buildings and al fresco garden, making a mental note of the many ideas. They had tours of the factory at 11am and 3pm, so as it was only 1pm we didn’t get a chance to do one, we will save that for the one in Freo perhaps. I enjoyed a lovely coffee (as I don’t drink) whilst Nik enjoyed his Pale Ale whilst sitting in the afternoon sun. Unfortunly the offspring were starting to go a bit feral so we headed back to the park and punished them with an hour of schoolwork, hehehehe.

IMG_2999 IMG_2995 IMG_2992 IMG_2987 IMG_2986

Nik’s parents also came down and across to visit, we spent a lovely day with them and went out to lunch and ice cream in Barwon Heads. I got the feeling they felt like hanging around for a few days (especially after the beer for lunch) but leave they did, only after we made a promise to catch up further down the track.

As we had the nippers carnival on the Sunday we had the Knapp family staying at the park for the weekend too. All the Smith and Knapp kids had a great time with each other, especially at the beach on the Saturday, performing stunts and tricks on their boards whilst catching waves, we didn’t tell them it was a great training session. Unfortunly we may have tired them out too much for the carnival the next day!!! The Piper family also bunked in with us on the Saturday night, in preparation for the carnival and it was great to have a cuppa with Lis (xxxx), oh and the kidlets had fun too 😉

The carnival was a loooong day finishing at 4:30pm and we were thankful we didn’t have to drive home after being on the beach since 7:00am. We even slept in until after 8 on the Monday……this really is a tough lifestyle.

And in true Smith luck we had a thunderstorm on the Saturday afternoon. We handled it well coming through unscathed. It certainly wouldn’t have been a proper stay for us without one.

On Tuesday we casually packed up without yelling or arguing, with the kids being a HUGE help (we were very confused…). About mid morning we said our goodbyes to our neighbours and headed off to our next destination on our Ozlap……………..

3 thoughts on “And away we go, again………………………

  1. Hiya Smiths,
    Love reading your blogs. Sounds amazing so far and you haven’t even gone very far. Looking forward to hearing where the next stop is. I enjoyed reading your blog too, Zoe. Hope the school work is not too bothersome. Just remember you could be stuck in a classroom! Safe travels!

  2. Hi this is Trevor and Ingrid your neighbours at Ocean Grove it was lovely meeting you all and have missed you. Enjoy reading your blog and look forward to reading about your adventures. Good luck girls in the Nipper finals. Have an awesome trip and hopefully we will catch up with you all again one day. Trevor and Ingrid

    1. It was lovely meeting you too. Hopefully we will see you somewhere in our travels. Good luck getting the house finished and hopefully we will meet again. Nik, Amy and the girls.

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