Deep Cycle Battery Concerns

I have had some worries about how our deep cycle battery will hold up on free camp stays. Its only a 55 amp/hr Optima Yellow top. I’m not concerned about the quality of the battery its self but am about running our 80L Waeco fridge/freezer for extended periods. I think in the long run we will install another deep cycle battery into Silver Fox as once we get up north the Waeco will be working pretty hard.

I hate not knowing the condition of the battery and what’s being drawn out of it  by the fridge, the girls charger points I put in the back for their charging of technology, DVD players. I am forever under the bonnet with my multimeter checking the voltage as I hate it when it gets low and the fridge stops working.

Whilst we were staying at Ocean Grove we went in to Geelong and I happened to convince Ames to let me stop at Jaycar to have a look for a gauge to monitor the battery from inside Silver Fox. They had just what I wanted. So as I returned to the car I had to explain to Ames how important this gauge is…………..It told me the volts of the battery, how many amps are being drawn and how many watts are being drawn.

Today I spent 5 hours installing and cleaning up the wiring under the bonnet to the deep cycle battery and I am very happy with the result……………

Dash apart guage install Re wire under bonnet Guage installed Guage installed 2 jpg

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