Hahndorf and Adelaide.

2nd April to 10th April

We arrived in Hahndorf a day early as a freezing cold front was due to come through the south with hail and thunderstorms, with temperatures expected to drop to 14C during the day. Although Hahndorf was only 100km north of Deep Creek we would at least have power to be able to crank up the heater and have a movie evening!! We arrived about 2ish in Hahndorf but had to wait for the rain to stop before we could start to set up. After we had quickly set up, I turned on the heater and we had a relaxing afternoon reading books and playing video star on Ipads, toasty warm!! Just as well as the weather really turned sour and we proceeded to have hail and rain well into the night. The next day we headed to Mount Barker to do some grocery shopping and wander the centre after a week ‘off the grid’, then caught up on some laundry and house cleaning. We bought our fruit and vegetables from the local farmers store in Hahndorf, Nik and I were in our element buying a bucket of unwaxed Hahndorf apples for $7.99 (we did actually need a bucket), a tub of olives ( which we cryovacked into 250g portions), lots of nuts and they also had a great selection of gluten free foods as well.

Our bucket of apples.

During our time here we headed into Hahndorf to meander up and down the main street going into all the little shops. Hahndorf is in the Adelaide Hills about 27km from Adelaide and is Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement having been built in 1839. Hahndorf is a very pretty town with beautiful leafy 100 year old Elm trees creating a canopy over main street, there are many gourmet food shops, lolly shops, quirky shops, a few pubs and also galleries. Importantly it has a ‘Birkenstock’ shop, which I was excited to visit as I had some Birkenstocks that needed resoling. Unfortunly to my dismay it was just a shop and they didn’t do any repairs there, they just send the shoes back to Melbourne for repair, it takes a few weeks too, DOH!!!!! I was a bit annoyed but still managed to have a look around and found some pretty cool Birkies that I could have bought…….but didn’t 😦 Anyway, we did buy ourselves some salami to cryovac with the olives and Bec and I bought some honey facial products, we had coffee and scones at a café and pretty much just spent the morning wandering in and out of the shops.

Local german family!!
Info centre
Original house in Hahndorf.
Beautiful view down the footpath.
One of the many pubs.
Winery, with a geocahe nearby.
Original house in Hahndorf.
100 year old elms.
There is a shop in there!!

As we were only 30 minutes away from the big smoke, we decided to head into Adelaide town for a bit of a look around. We ended up spending some time and money in Rundle Street Mall, doing a bit of shopping, and watching and listening to the buskers. We also got Bec’s Ipod fixed, bought some thermals for everyone in Rays and before we knew it was 3pm and we’d had enough and decided to head home. The drive around the city was lovely looking at all the old buildings and churches. The next day we packed up and hoped that we were heading into some warmer weather as it has been freezing and wet here during our whole stay, so we headed off on our next destination on our OZLAP……….

3 thoughts on “Hahndorf and Adelaide.

  1. Hi Amy and Nik and girls, Thank you for wonderful blogs, we are enjoying them. We loved
    Adelaide too. Keep safe, love Pixie and Alan xx

  2. Hey Smith Family,
    Sounds like your having a fabulous time. Wish I had looked on your blog earlier. We were in Adelaide in Easter too. Bec played in the Adelaide Classic Basketball Tournament (which they won). We spent the 1st April in Mt Gambier, then called into Hahndorf on the 2nd for lunch before heading into Adelaide spending sometime on the 4th in Rundle Mall. We went out to Hahndorf again on the Sunday 5th with the team. If I had realised I would have called and we could have caught up – sorry. It’s such a shame we didn’t run into one another. Glad your having such a great time. Your photos of Hahndorf are great esp with no people in them because it was so busy there, such a beautiful town. Funnily enough we ran into Katie’s 3rd grade teacher at the National Car Museum in Birdwood and a girlfriend from work was in Hahndorf on the sunday too – small world. Look forward to hearing more of your travels.

    1. Hey Ally,
      What a bugger, it would have been great to catch up!!!! Glad you had a good time and congratulations to Bec for her tournament win, impressive!!!! Next time if your travelling interstate make sure you consult with our blog before making any plans 😉
      Love Amy xxx

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