The Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

10th April to 13th April

For the first time in over a week the sun finally came out today, just in time for us to pack up and leave Hahndorf!!! By the time we went and did a few jobs we finally got on the road north by 11am. We stopped for lunch at Ardrossan. We made salad wraps and explored the jetty, finding a seal swimming up and down underneath the jetty pinching all the fish from the fishermans nets, the girls loved it, Zoe named him Fred and he became her best friend…………

Ardrossan Jetty
Zoe’s best friend, Fred the fish stealing seal!!!

After we dragged the girls away we got back on the road and reached our destination by about 3pm. Our home for the next 3 nights was Pondalowie campground in the Innes National Park at the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula. This site is another freebie with our camps pass and is absolutely stunning. After we did a quick set up and had afternoon tea we headed out for a quick look around. We drove through and had a look at the nearby fishing shacks on Pondalowie Bay and drove around to the surf beach, whilst the waves were small shore dumpers the sunset was beautiful.

Camp set up at Pondalowie campground.
Pondalowie surf beach


The girls at sunset at Pondalowie surf beach.
Sunset at Pondalowie surf beach

The next day we took a short drive back to Marion Bay to do some fishing and swimming off the jetty. Unfortunly we caught nothing, regardless of how long (all day) and hard we tried. We all had a try catching squid on the jetty to no avail, so Jess, Abs and myself went onto the beach for a swim and some sand castle building. After a late lunch of salad wraps we spent the next hour or two setting up the lines to try and catch some mullet off the beach. Once again to no avail, but the girls had a ball trying, Abby lost interest early on in the piece and proceeded to build a thong tree, which as our luck would have it today, fell down and broke just as I was about to take a photo (it did look pretty cool too)!!!!  After spending the day in the sun and sand we finished off in the Marion Bay Tavern watching Collingwood play Adelaide. And in true form, with todays luck the final score certainly reflected our day……..

Fishing off the beach among the seaweed.
Protected from the wind.
Mr pelican at Marion Bay Jetty.
Beach fishing.

We also visited the old historic town of Inneston, which was a company town established back in  1913 by The Yorke Peninsula Plaster Company for mining of gypsum (plaster). There were about 36 dwellings and the closest town was about a 6 hour horse and cart drive away. The Bellco Chalk Company also began here, as chalk was a by product of gypsum, and was shipped over to Adelaide to be sold to schools etc. However in 1930, due to the great depression the company closed and therefore the town slowly closed too.

What was left of an old house.
Ruins of an old house.
The bakery, Inneston.
More ruins, Inneston.

We also explored the beaches and area around our campsite, quite a few beautiful bays and a lighthouse. The girls and Nik are always on the look out for lizards of any kind, as we used to have a few blue tongue lizards for pets, so much to the girls delight, during the hike to the lighthouse we found a stumpy lizard and a gecko.

Within a 10 minute walk from camp.
Groper Bay, near our campsite.
Groper Bay.
Lighthouse walk.
Mr Gecko, now if only the fish were as easy to catch!!!!
Views from the lighthouse.
View of Groper Bay (foreground) and Pondalowie Bay (background) from the lighthouse.
Lighthouse panarama

We also went and explored the Ethel shipwreck, which ran aground in 1904. Attempts to refloat the ship failed as once again the weather turned nasty, the lines broke and the ship was again driven ashore, this time further up the beach to the base of the cliffs. This time more severe damage was done and the ship was abandoned. Its quite a steep stair climb down to the beach to the wreck, with bits of steel sticking out of the sand in places.

Ethel shipwreck.
The shipwreck at the base of the cliffs.
Beautiful but rugged beach.
Site of the Ethel shipwreck.

We certainly could have spent longer down here exploring the beaches and doing some more fishing, we felt we had only scratched the surface. We had to laugh as I had read about how the Yorke Peninsula has such low rainfall……that is until the Smiths arrive!!!!!! So once again with the weather not turning out great we packed up in order to search for the sun at our next destination on our OZLAP……………


One thought on “The Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

  1. Hi love reading about your adventures. The photos are wonderful, you really capture just how beautiful this fantastic country is. Look forward to the next entry. Keep having fun and travel safe. Trevor and ingrid

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