Moonta Bay, South Australia.

13th April to 16th April

After packing up during the rain we were on the road by 9:30, heading north to Moonta Bay Caravan Park, home for the next 3 days. After a slight traffic delay of a few hundred sheep,we arrived by lunchtime, ate lunch in the park, hunted unsuccessfully for a geocache, walked the main street, then finally headed to the park about 2pm to set up. The weather was overcast, warm (yay) and hazy due to a fire burning nearby. Once we had found our site we started to unpack, our camping neighbours were mighty impressed with how the girls help set up, they couldn’t believe it. Once we explained that they are used to it by now as we are travelling full time, we then got at least one hundred questions about our adventure so set up slowed down a bit. Later on we went for a walk along the jetty, sussed out what people were fishing for and spent the next hour or two playing at the free water park situated only 50 metres from our van.

Barry and Baaaarbara.
Free water park at Moonta Bay jetty.
Frangipani’s were in abundance in the church garden next to the park.

The next day was all about ZOE, as it was her 12th birthday!!!! After Nik went for an early morning fish, catching a squid (YAY!!!) Zoe opened her presents, took some birthday phone calls and then we had pancakes for breakfast. Zoe and Nik then got the squid ready and the girls went out to look for some crabs. The man at the fishing store told us that a few crabs were still being caught but the girls had no luck. Our friends the Cave’s called in for a visit, the kids had a ball hanging out and playing at the water park, swimming in the ocean and jumping off the jetty all afternoon. They are staying about half an hour away but are heading off tomorrow, so we will rendezvous with them again up in Alice.

Very excited birthday girl!!!


Birthday girl!!!
It’s not a birthday without balloons!!!!
Birthday girl!
Swimming in the jetty swim pool with the Caves.
Swim area off jetty.
Swim area off jetty.
Views from our van at low tide.
Becs photos of jetty.
More from Bec.
Becs sunset photos
Becs sunset photo of jetty with tide in.

The next day we did more fishing, Nik and Zoe were the two main players catching squid at the Moonta Bay and Port Hughes jetty’s. The girls had fun playing at the water park and we generally relaxed in the sun. I was even feeling quite housewifey, so decided to give the van its first thorough clean and going over, then I refused to let anyone go inside for the rest of the day…….needless to say by dinner it was a mess again!!! Bec also spent her days playing with the camera and taking some wonderful photos and really enjoying it. We had a great relaxing time here, we gave ourselves a break from the ‘sightseeing’ and simply played and fished to our hearts content.  But once again with rain and cold weather predicted we packed up and headed for the warmth and sunshine, onwards and upwards to our next destination on our OZLAP……………

A good morning of fishing.
The girls getting their hands dirty.


Zoe fishing off the pier.
Zoe catching squid off the pier.



bec moonta bay jetty
Becs photo of the Moonta Bay jetty at sunrise





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