Border patrol………

12th September to 15th September

After yet another seamless, simple, easy, argument free pack up we were on our way, setting a course for due west. It was meant to be an uneventful crossing of the border, except as it was during the week, fruit and vege border patrol was open and in full flight!!!! I had assumed that we could take fruit and vege from Mildura across the border as it was all part of the same region…….but no, no, no, she informed me (with a sly smile), they didn’t want Mildura’s germs and flies here in Renmark. So sadly she confiscated all our fruit and vege that we had bought in Mildura, whilst enjoying her job a little too much for my liking.

After lightening our load a bit we made it as far as Monash for lunch, which is about 20km west of Renmark. We had noticed an ‘adventure park’ sign (that also had coffee written on it), so we decided to turn in and stop for what was going to be a ham salad sandwich but was downgraded to a vegemite and cheese or peanut butter sandwich. The kids were happy with that!!! Well we had stumbled on the jackpot here, the council of Monash had decided to build a park, complete with ponds, café, flying fox, oversized adult swings, maze and an obstacle course to boot. The saying of ‘if we build it they will come’ proved to be true as during the course of our lunch and play the crowds were doubling, there were kids parties, big kids playing, little kids playing and really yummy smelling BBQ’s being enjoyed by quite a lot of people.

After we had stretched our leg and marvelled long enough we all jumped back into the car, heading for the little dot of a town called Cadell, located on the Murray river. We stayed at the recreation reserve for $25 for the night, we had power, water and the best and BIGGEST showers we have had for a while. We then spent the afternoon going for a walk and locating a geocache.  The next day as we were trying to leave, the lovely camp hosts, Margaret and Mike were trying to coax us to stay, offering us jobs harvesting and even dropping the price for us to $20 p/night. Unfortunately we told them we had a deadline and needed to leave but not before Margaret gave me huge hug and blew kisses to the kids in the car, who didn’t dare to come out!!!!! After we crossed the Murray the old fashioned way by barge we were on our way heading to our third and last Peninsula in SA, the Eyre!!!!!

Murray River at Cadell

After driving into and exiting Port Augusta in record time we headed south to a free camp just before Whyalla called Point Lowly. It had great flushing toilets, cold showers….which we didn’t use, and the perfect spot for us right on the beach. We decided to stay here for 2 nights, so whilst Nik made a beeline to fish off the rocks, the girls and I went for a wander around the point to look at the lighthouse and surrounds. The next day we headed into the very industrial town of Whyalla for a sticky beak, by fluke we found the lookout, which to one side had views of the massive steelworks and industry side of things which was all stained with a deep red hue, then on the other side a much nicer looking foreshore and lifesaving club. We decided to head to the foreshore for a coffee at the café and a play at the park and learnt that the council has been trying hard and pouring lots of money into this ‘side of the tracks’, we decided they were doing a great job.

Steel works to the right of the look out.
Whyalla a
Foreshore to the left of the look out
Whyalla c
The nicer side of Whyalla.

Point Lowly was a great free camp but would have been a lot better if it wasn’t for the gentle constant hum of the huge LPG plant 5km away and the defence force practising their explosives about 10km away. It took Nik and I a few hours to figure out what the constant loud thumping was, until we drove past a gate and a sign stating that if the red flag was raised the army was out practising with its explosives, yep you guessed it the red flag she was a waving!!!!

Point Lowly in the late afternoon
Point Lowly lighthouse.
Bec and Jess doing Yoga Point Lowly
Bec and Jess doing yoga at Point Lowly.
Point Lowly a
Camp at Point Lowly.

So after a few days of luckless fishing at Point Lowly we packed up and headed further south on our next adventure and destination on our OZLAP……..

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