Port Lincoln National Park and Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area

15th September to 21st September

We arrived in Port Lincoln just before lunch, checking out both the caravan parks, one in town and one about 12kms before town. Needless to say the prices were a bit rich at both but we had to choose one as we needed to fill water tanks, recharge electrical toys and wash a few loads of clothes.  Nik took an instant dislike to the arrogant people at the town caravan park who wanted to charge us $30 for 2 adults then an additional $10 per child, regardless of their age……whilst the lady at the park out of town happily agreed to only charge for 2 of the kids, therefore she got our dollars for the 3 days. In hindsight we picked the right park as we had a huge grassy site right on the water, as opposed to being packed in like sardines on a gravel uneven site in town.

Port Lincoln caravan park.
Views from the caravan park in Port Lincoln.

As we hadn’t done any schoolwork since we departed Alice three and a half weeks ago we were a tad behind in schoolwork so we spent a few days playing catch up, doing laundry, grocery shopping and getting the new van serviced. We then paid a visit to the Information Centre in town to book and pick up the key for Memory Cove as they only allowed 15 cars into the park at a time.  I had read about Memory Cove on other peoples blogs so we decided to see for ourselves how lovely it was. We had also read on Wikicamps that it was a slow, bumpy and rocky drive in and that the info centre said it was not recommended for caravans, let alone new vans I’m assuming…….

So with paperwork filled out, permit on the dash and key in hand we headed out on our long drive of 45kms. After a boring, uneventful drive through some spectacular scenery and countless amounts of emus and kangaroos we arrived at Memory Cove, we had the place to ourselves!!! After a quick setup the girls donned their bathers, Nik donned his fishing gear and I donned a jumper and a coffee and we walked the 5 steps from our van to the white, deserted, protected and private beach. In a nutshell we spent the next 4 days playing soccer and 4 square on the beach, swimming in the ocean (with full wetsuits on), exploring the surrounding coastline and fishing for squid and salmon.

Memory Cove a
After taking 90 mins to travel 30km we were happy to be at Memory Cove.
Memory Cove b
The travelling circus.
Memory Cove c
4 square on the beach.
Memory Cove e
Memory Cove and crab….
Memory Cove f
Nik fishing.
memory cove j
More fishing.
Memory Cove g
Beach 4 square.
Memory Cove h
Happy hour.
Memory Cove i
Another pet, Steve the stick insect.
memory cove surf
The Smith mob find waves anywhere!!!!!
Memory Cove Lincoln NP (1 of 1)
Memory Cove panorama.
Campsite at Memory Cove.
View from our campsite.
The memorable Memory Cove.

As it was over the weekend we had to begrudgingly share a portion of the beach with a handful of other people but by late afternoon everyday they left, perhaps smartly too as when the sun went down the coldness came out and out and out, and with no fires allowed we layered and froze and froze and froze!!!!! I even powered up the sat phone to call my brother for his birthday, as we had no phone reception, however I don’t think he appreciated the importance of the ‘sat phone call’ as much as I thought he should!!!!! Either that or I don’t think he enjoyed the final episode of Seinfeld that much and the important phone call inference as much as Nik and I did. During our stay we also had to get the tent off the car to air it out which resulted in the girls having a sleep out in the tent for the next few nights!!!!!

Memory Cove d
The girls resting after they set up the tent for a sleep over.
Sleep over.

We also encountered lots of emus and kangaroos, one kangaroo in particular that Jess decided was hers and named her Holly. We even saw an Eastern Peninsula Brown snake (that the girls named Sam) that decided to check out our campsite, then later in the day a very juvenile brown snake that was only 30cm long and literally wriggled his way around our chairs before retreating to the safety of the bush.

Sam the snake.
Holly the kangaroo.
Jess and her new pet, Holly.


Lincoln National Park e
Cute emu family.
Lincoln National Park f
Kangaroos at Memory Cove.
Lincoln NP f
Amazing views on the drive towards Memory Cove.

So after our 3 nights in paradise (albeit it a chilly one) we once again packed up and slowly headed back to civilisation to return our special key. I was also looking forward to a warm fire, whilst the rest of the family was looking forward to our next adventure and destination on our OZLAP…..

Stars Memory Cove Lincoln NP (2 of 1)
Standing on the beach looking back at our camp.
Stars Memory Cove Lincoln NP (1 of 1)
Memory Cove by night.


5 thoughts on “Port Lincoln National Park and Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area

  1. Hi Nik Amy and beautiful girls The whole world would be envious of the wonderful family experiences you are all sharing Just had time to catch up on a few blogs just amazing, would not have been happy to meet Sam the snake But thank you for sharing this with us, I have never even heard of some places you have obviously sourced well Lots of love from Torquay Rhonda and John xxx

  2. Hello. I loved your pictures of Memory Cove. Do you remember which campsite number you stayed in. I have a double axle windsor rapid expanda style van; just trying to work out if all the sites would suit…. Thank you!

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