September Beach campground, Port Lincoln National Park

21st September to 24th September

After a slow drive out of Memory Cove Wilderness Park we took a right turn away from Port Lincoln, which took us further into the Port Lincoln National Park and to another beach camp, September beach campground. This campground won the honours of our presence as you could have fires!!!! We had a quick set up then packed the car with a few days of laundry and headed into town to drop the key off and do some washing. Once back at camp Nik, Zoe and Abby went out fishing whilst Bec, Jess and I explored around camp. The campground has basic drop toilets, fire pits and picnic tables, quite swish for us, and as it is included in our SA Parks and Camping Pass it was free!!!

Lincoln National Park a
Campsite and WARM fire at September Beach.
Nik, Zoe and Abs fishing at September beach.
September beach at sunset.
September beach.
Donnington lighthouse, just near our campsite.
September beach rocks……
Camp and more importantly a WARM fire.
Zoe fishing.
Nik fishing.
Yet another snake, the girls didn’t name him though.
Jess and Abs playing in their treehouse.
Abs on the rope swing.
Jess on the rope swing.
Mmmm, can see how this will end.
and down they go…
Cute shell path to camp.

We spent the next few days catching up on school work, fishing, we loaded up on a months worth of grocery shopping (and more importantly easily fit it all in the van!!!!), more fishing, Abs and Jess built a treehouse and found a rope swing, more fishing, then Bec and I went for a hike along the peninsula to the lighthouse, which had great views of the town of Port Lincoln, less than 15km away across the bay. Unfortunately during our stay the sun decided to avoid us and thankfully we were protected from a very chilly wind, however we all decided that this spot would have been absolutely amazing if the sun was out and the weather was a bit warmer!!! So after our week out in Port Lincoln National Park, it was time to move on as we were running low on both water and power (no sun for a few days), so after a few errands in Port Lincoln we headed off on our next adventure and destination on our OZLAP……..

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