Coffin Bay National Park, South Australia.

26th to 29th September

We left a little later today, knowing that our drive was not going to take us long, well about 20 minutes to be exact and that was the scenic route as well!!!!! After our few nights in the caravan park to recharge the batteries, refill the water tanks and re stock the wardrobes with clean clothes we decided to camp a few nights in the National park. Coffin Bay National Park is mostly only accessible by 4WD, so we took the van in to the only campsite available for caravans, Yangie Bay, unhooked and set out to explore for the next few days.

Family of emus on the campsite next door
Views of Coffin Bay from a walk near our camp
Sunset from our camp

Our first afternoon we decided to go for a drive and explore along the bitumen tourist route, hunting geochaches and taking photos. The drive took us to the south side of the park where we stumbled upon the best surfing and swimming beach, which straightaway changed our plans. We decided to then only go and take a few quick photos of the other lookouts, then go back to camp for some lunch then head back for an afternoon of surfing. It turned out to be a great afternoon, Nik was fishing down one end of the beach and the girls were busy surfing and sliding down sand dunes at the other.

Nik and the girls before they braved the icy waters
Zoe and Abs surfing
Zoe and Abs surfing and falling off!!
Pretty pleased with themselves.

The next day, being a Saturday, we decided to head back into Coffin Bay to attend the first inaugural ‘A day on the bay’, where each of the local business, the pub, the two general stores and the yacht club all made and sold a different oyster dish, using the infamous Coffin Bay oysters. As the town is only small, you needed to walk to the different venues to sample their dishes, have a drink and be entertained by musicians. There was a shuttle bus available at a cost of $5.00 for the day, that went around the town all day, dropping off and picking up people who found it hard to walk the distances, or I’m tipping were to tanked to walk in a straight line………   There was also a bus from Port Lincoln (about 50kms away) that drove people between the 2 towns. It was a great day with perfect weather, unfortunately we have no photos as we decided to concentrate on eating oysters and drinking beer, rather than carry the camera around!!!!

Our last full day we decided to head off into the park a bit further along a sandy and rocky 4WD track. It was a fairly easy drive with patches of soft sand, but as we lowered our pressures we had no hassles getting through. We also found some other awesome camp spots suitable for tents and camper trailers, although the bees agreed with us and were there in the hundreds. We also found a few amazing little bays and spent some time searching for shells.

Black Springs beach
Brilliant colors
Black Springs beach again….
Black Springs beach and random people swimming
There was a photo opp everywhere!!!
My artistic flair emerging and a very cool shell.

We ended up driving to the section of the track called Point Longnose, that takes you along the beach for a few kms before heading back inland and onto the tip of the Peninsula, and decided that as it was heading towards high tide we might just stop for lunch there and turn around, as we had been told by a few of the locals that if you get caught past this point at high tide there is no way of getting back until the tide drops a bit. On our way back we were amazed and entertained by the huge abundance of emus and a few sightings of snakes.

Finally after a few days we bade farewell to Coffin Bay National Park and the town, as we were getting closer to something we had been looking forward to since we pulled out of Mornington some 10 months earlier. We were all definitely excited about our next adventure and destination on our OZLAP…..

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