Venus Bay, South Australia.

29th September to 1st October

After we left Coffin Bay we headed north along the western side of the Eyre Peninsula, we had been told to definitely call into a town called Elliston, apparently they had the best vanilla slice and lemon tarts in South Australia. Now at the mere mention of lemon tart (for me) and vanilla slice (for Nik) pretty much guaranteeing a definite stop, we finally pulled into town around lunch time. Elliston was a very small town that had an independent supermarket that charged the earth, a take away shop, an awesome playground, 2 caravan parks and the previously mentioned bakery. So whilst Nik and the girls started to organise lunch at the playground, Bec and I headed to the bakery to buy dessert. Unfortunately we were to be bitterly disappointed………the lady behind the counter told us that they didn’t have any left, bugger!!! Then she said that they were expecting another delivery that afternoon though……. huh, clearly they weren’t made onsite as we had expected. I slinked back to the van carrying only my coffee, a loaf of fresh bread and broke the bad news to some disappointed people (well Nik anyway). Luckily I had been prepared and bought some chocolate which we then had after our lunch. We had to laugh and be amazed as well as we also ‘bumped’ into a family we had met at Uluru back in June, they had done the whole of WA and were heading on down the Eyre Peninsula and home to NSW, they had decided to stop for lunch at the playground as well. After a chat we said our goodbyes and mentioned not to bother going to the bakery!!!!!!

We arrived at Venus Bay for a few days of fishing. Venus Bay consists of the caravan park, the jetty, an awesome playground and, well, the caravan park. The caravan park office is also the post office, the take away shop (with yummy gluten free chips), the general store and the info centre, so not really a bustling harbour side town. We booked in for a few nights, set up and got stuck into the fishing and visiting the playground.

Venus Bay
Preparing the squid for dinner
Our view from the van
the awesome playground at the park
Entrance to the caravan park
views from our morning walk

Whilst here we also visited the Talia Caves and some beaches along the coast, which were spectacular, the awesome rocks and color of the water made for some beautiful photos and scenery. Alas the flies were in agreeance again and decided to join us.

The amazing coast of the Eyre Peninsula.
Walking down to the caves.
My mob!!
Looking at the cave from the water.
Monument at Talia Caves
Views of the bay near Talia Caves.
The amazing colors!!

So after a few days of fishing we packed up and headed further north along the Eyre Peninsula, by this stage we were all really, really, really excited about our next adventure and destination on our OZLAP……………..

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