Perlubie Beach, Ceduna and Fowlers Bay, South Australia.

4th October to 8th October

As is becoming a bit of a habit, we had a monumentous drive of about 22km to do today, out to a free camp called Perlubie Beach. I had heard about this free camp from the many blogs and research I have been doing over the years, so it was a no brainer that of course we would camp there. Whilst there was a caravan or 2 parked in the gravel parking bays we decided, along with a few other vans, to drive onto the beach and park ourselves a few metres above the high tides mark just behind one of the many thatched roofing huts that are dotted along the beach. It was a great spot to camp with flushing toilets and a stunning calm beach right on our doorstep.

View from our van at Perlubie Beach
OZLAP at Perlubie Beach
Sunset, Nik and Zoe out fishing and Abby and Jess running out to spoil their fun!!!
Sunset at Perlubie Beach
The last of the sunset rays at Perlubie Beach

We stayed here for a few days, with one of them being extremely hot and reaching 40 degrees, thankfully we had the water to swim in. However the wind was horrendous and consequently I think there was more sand in the van than there was on the beach…..

After a few days we headed off to Ceduna where we needed to restock at the supermarket, pick up school work from the post office, visit the dreaded Centrelink office and as usual recharge power and refill water. Once our list was completed we headed out of Ceduna the following day to start heading towards the Nullabor. However, firstly whilst in Ceduna, we visited the Information Centre to pay and sign up for the infamous ‘Nullabor Links’ golf course, the longest golf course in the world, which starts or ends (depending on direction of travel) in Ceduna and continues across the Nullabor, ending or starting in Kalgoorlie. As our direction of travel was East to West, Nik played the first 2 holes at Ceduna golf course on our way out.

We then stopped at Penong for morning tea and for Nik to play the third hole on the Nullabor Links course. Penong is a lovely small town that relies on the many hundreds of windmills it has to supply the township with its water, which I believe is still not enough. After Nik played his hole and got his card stamped we were back on our way heading west, but not before we called into Fowlers Bay for a looksee.

Windmills at Penong.
They even managed to incorporate a windmill into the playground at Penong.

We had decided to stay at a farm stay about 20km out of Fowlers Bay for a few days to explore the area, however after being at the farm stay for about an hour we decided to head to Fowlers Bay that afternoon for a look and then leave the next day, as we were not overly impressed with the farm stay. Fowlers Bay certainly had potential, but on the day we were there it was blowing a gale, we called in to the general store and got a coffee and only stayed longer because we got chatting to the lovely lady who served us and is currently managing the caravan park. She comes from southern WA, so was giving us plenty of pointers for our future travel. So after a disappointing few days at Fowlers Bay (hence no photos) we headed off ahead of schedule on to our next adventure and destination on our OZLAP…..

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