Esperance, WA

15th October to 29th October

We arrived in Esperance a little bit ahead of schedule after we had decided to only stay a few days in Kalgoorlie and then overnight at Wave Rock. We had decided to break up our stay in Esperance and firstly spend a week at a cheap camp then a week at a caravan park. As we were mainly staying in town so that I (Amy) could study for my exam and the girls, particularly Bec, could get ahead in her school work prior to the beginning of report writing, we decided to spend the first week doing majority school work in the morning and a little bit of playing tourist in the afternoons. Thankfully we had some great weather which meant the girls enjoyed swimming and surfing at the beaches and the photos we took were stunning and bought out the amazing colours of the sand, water and sky!!!! Twilight beach was a highlight and clearly our favourite beach and was 100 times more amazing in real life!!!

Esperance (75e)
Twilight Beach
Esperance (75d)
Twilight Beach
Esperance (75b)
No matter where you look at Twilight Beach it’s amazing!!!


Clear waters of Twilight Beach
The girls enjoying Twilight Beach.
Body surfing at Twilight Beach.
Surfing at Twilight Beach.

After a week we needed a change of scenery so we packed up and headed to the council run Seafront Caravan Park, right on the foreshore in town, it was by far the cheapest, but had the best location and views. During our second week we continued with school work and my studying and on a few occasions we were interrupted in the morning by a pod of dolphins swimming past the caravan park, which then meant the younger 3 girls simply dropped their pencils and took off out of the van, running across the park, crossing the main road and were last seen chasing the dolphins along the beach………. Thankfully they came wandering back to the van about half an hour later ready to continue on with school work.

Esperance (75)
Part of the multi million dollar upgrade at the Esperance foreshore.

All in all in we spent 2 weeks staying in town, we enjoyed many coffees and walks along the foreshore, the girls in the family had some retail therapy and finally my exam was done and dusted. When the weather turned on us we chillaxed with a few pj and video days and continued to play catch up with school. On our last night we had the pleasure of catching up with some friends we had met way back when, in Alice, in May. Shannon and Gerard had been half way through their lap when we first met them in Alice, then they had continued back up north and have since travelled the whole WA coastline so it was great to finally see them again here in Esperance. The kids jumped straight back into the games they had been playing in Alice, not missing a beat and getting on like they had just left each other yesterday. However after 2 weeks in Esperance we had decided to move on, promising to meet up with them on our next leg and destination on our OZLAP……………

One thought on “Esperance, WA

  1. Hi to all of you amazing lovely people, I just sat and relaxed after a busy few days and read your Blog how envious we should all be it all sounds perfect Not sure you will ever want to stop and who would blame you Congratulations and special love to you all xxRhonda and John xxx

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