Cape Le Grand National Park, WA

29th October to 2nd November.


After we bade farewell to Shannon, Gerard and the kids we made our way about 45kms east of Esperance to the infamous Cape Le Grand National Park. We had earlier purchased a nice shiny new 12 month national parks sticker that we promptly popped on the front windscreen, so after checking in at the park entrance we headed on out to our campsite at Lucky Bay. Thankfully there were a few spare sites so we chose one with a bit of protection from the wind and set up for the next few days. We had found out a few months ago that upgrades were being done at Lucky Bay, but decided to still stay there in the hope that the works weren’t too disruptive. We found that whilst there was constant noise from the construction and landscaping works going on not far from camp we found that it didn’t really bother us that much. After we set up we went for an explore along the beach by foot, heading over to the big rocks to the western side of the bay to take some photos of the views and get a feel of the layout of the campsite.

Cape Le Grand National park.
The rocks at the west end of the bay.
Nik and the girls exploring the rocks.
Nik and his shadows!!!
Looking back towards the campsite.
The girls looking out over Lucky Bay.
Mathew Flinders plaque
Lucky Bay panorama.
Cape Le Grand - Lucky Bay (4)
OZLAP at Lucky Bay.
OZLAP and Lucky Bay panorama

We found the kangaroos to be quite tame, however we didn’t feed them, but obviously people have been as considering it is such a highly populated campground and now with the inclusion of trucks, bobcats and earth movers the kangaroos still didn’t batter an eyelid at their sometimes noisy surrounds.

Skippy number 2
Zoe saying hello to skippy.
Jess not too sure of the overly friendly skippy.
Mumma and baby skippy.

The next day Shannon and Gerard rolled in and we set out for a day of exploring, but not before we grabbed a coffee at the coffee van that comes out to Lucky Bay and sets up on the beach most days of the week, unbelievable!!!!! After we had our caffeine fix we drove along the beach to the far east end for some views and stunning photos, made even more beautiful by a strategically placed sailing boat that had also decided to anchor in the bay for a few days.

Cape Le Grand NP (96a)
As you do when you are the number one beach in Australia!!!
Cape Le Grand NP (96)
Pity it wasnt drive through……….
Coffee + beach + sun = paradise!!!
Turquoise waters of Lucky Bay.
The contrast in colours was amazing.
The white sand is like powder!!
The kids enjoying the beach.
Deep in conversation!!!
Cape Le Grand NP (96h)
OZLAP, Nik’s 5th child!!!
Cape Le Grand NP (96g)
Bec trying to get the attention of the crew on her new boat….
Cape Le Grand NP (96b)
Wonder what the poor people are doing……
Cape Le Grand NP (96c)
Cape Le Grand NP (96d)
Perhaps this can be how we get around on our second lap of OZ………
Cape Le Grand NP (96e)

After we literally had to drag ourselves away from Lucky Bay we took a drive back through Cape Le Grand to see if we could be equally impressed with what else she had to offer us, simple answer, HELL YES!!!

Hellfire Bay…..
Hellfire Bay again.
The inviting waters of Hellfire Bay, and yes the girls jumped in fully clothed!!!!
Can’t get enough of the colours…
Cape Le Grand- Hellfire Bay (16b)
Such clear water!!!
Cape Le Grand- Hellfire Bay (16a)
So inviting…
Cape Le Grand- Hellfire Bay (16f)
Looking back at Hellfire Bay
Cape Le Grand- Hellfire Bay (16e)
Perfect vantage point for a photo at Hellfire Bay.
Cape Le Grand- Hellfire Bay (16g)
Love this photo of the girls and I, as well as being proof that I am actually still on this trip!!!!
Hellfire panorama of my mob!!
Wildlife crossing……
Another wildlife crossing, but this one wasn’t too keen on his photo being taken, he was actually hissing and coming at me!!!! Perhaps he was wagging school and didn’t want us to dob him in…..

From Hellfire Bay we drove onto yet another beach which takes you the short cut way back to Wylie Beach just outside of Esperance. The ‘piece de resistance’ was the climb up the granite boulder at the end of the drive. Nik had seen Ron Moon drive it and had been harping on about it for the last 2 weeks, so together with Gerard and Shannon in their car we all drove up it, very, very, very carefully. Once at the top we took some photos and as Shannon and her kids were not very impressed with the drive up, they decided to walk back down instead whilst the guys had to carefully manoeuvre the cars back down and I played official photographer.

Cape Le Grand NP (96v)
Not a bad short cut!!!
Cape Le Grand NP (96u)
Beach run back to Esperance.
Cape Le Grand NP (96t)
Awesom views that are lost on you whilst driving along the beach.
Cape Le Grand NP (96s)
Looking out our windscreen..
Cape Le Grand NP (96j)
Lunch Stop.
Cape Le Grand NP (96k)
Searching for the shade.
Cape Le Grand NP (96l)
We passed some locals who were pulling a mate along on the skurfboard, and yes he did stack right in front of us, how embarrassing!!!
Cape Le Grand NP (96m)
Atop the granite rock.
Cape Le Grand NP (96n)
OZLAP on the granite rock.


Cape Le Grand NP (96p)
What goes up must come down……
Cape Le Grand NP (96q)
Slowly does it….
Cape Le Grand NP (96r)
Mmmm, nice and close to the edge.

As we once again said goodbye to Shannon and Gerard, who were heading back to the caravan park in town we decided it would be quicker to drive back the way we came, so off we went back along the beach, loving every minute of it.

The next day we packed up and headed even further east to a place called Orleans Bay, setting up at the overly priced and overly valued caravan park, which was disappointing as this place had come well recommended to us. We were slogged $150 for 2 nights for a patch of grass with power and water……and then a further $20 to hire a fire pit…… The weather also turned on us here and it was cold, overcast and we even copped the eye of a massive storm on the second night that pretty much washed all our surroundings away!!! Whilst here we had lunch at the nearby Condingup Tavern, which was actually reasonably priced and had great food, and drove to Wharton Beach, which I’m sure on a good day would have been fabulous, however not real kid friendly as we spotted 4 rips in the space of 200 metres….. So after 2 nights we couldn’t wait to get out of there, even if the weather was awful and the park more expensive than a nugget of gold we found the  park owners cocky attitude whilst looking down at us from her three storey house was even more disappointing!!!!!

Orleans Bay (21)
Happy hour with our $20 fire pit……. and yes Abby and Jess have green face paint on as it was Halloween, they were going to try and trick or treat the caravan park general store……
Wharton beach.
The kids braved the freezing wind.
Imagine the colour of the water when the sun is out……


During the storm we somehow upgraded to a river side campsite……

And so it was onto greener pastures we headed, on our way towards the next adventure and destination on our OZLAP………..

One thought on “Cape Le Grand National Park, WA

  1. Love the photos People looks so beautiful down there, only been once and it was really windy, not really beach weather. Dont you just hate it when park owners or Managers put you off, not good for tourism. Enjoy your next chapter. xx

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