Munglinup beach, WA

2nd November to 5th November

After a wet Sunday night and a forecast for more rain to come on the Monday we decided to only drive back to Esperance and spend the night at Seafront Caravan park to do some school work, washing and utilise the cheap dryers. The next day before we headed off I went into to town to do a few jobs while Nik, Zoe and Abs gave the van a wash with many a grey nomad walking past commenting to Nik about how good the two girls were helping out!! Afterwards Zoe even guided the car onto the van and hooked it all up, taking off the jockey wheel and brakes, while Abby connected and tested out the lights on the van, while Nik stood to the side having a chin wag with his new mates……..

Abby and Zoe playing Googly Eyes………

We arrived at our next camp not long before lunch as it was only a short 120km drive. Munglinup Beach was a ‘cheap’ camp, only costing us $10 per night, many locals spend their weekends down here for the awesome fishing, as usual Nik made a few new grey nomad friends!!! We then  spent the next two nights camped here, with Nik fishing, Bec doing schoolwork (which was on the ecosystem of Munglinup beach) and Zoe, Abby and Jess snorkelling, collecting shells and sliding down the sand dunes on the bogey board and surfboard. The girls had a great time snorkelling near the reef on the beach, that was until a friendly manta ray came swimming up to them, you could hear them scream through their snorkels!! They quickly hopped out of the water and were happy to watch from the safety of the beach. Jess was also kept busy for hours collecting shells from the beach, she was enthralled. We also explored the rock pools and sat transfixed for ages watching the crabs trying to hide from us.

Munglinup (47)
Munglinup Beach
Munglinup Beach panorama.
mmmmm, time for reflection
Rock pools.
Trying to spot the many crabs hiding, you could hear them clicking their claws.
Found them, stacked layer upon layer upon layer!!!!
Some of Jesse’s shell collection.

After the manta ray incident the girls decided the water was too cold for them now and set their sights on breaking the sand sliding speed world record with as many people on a bogey board as possible. We also had a competition for the child with the most sand in their mouth, eyes, up their nose and in their ears……. This fun and games continued on for a few hours until low and behold one of them hurt themselves on one particular bullet run……. Later on we connected the camera to the TV and were in hysterics at the many action photos of the girls doing their countless dune runs, with every single one ending up with them catapulting over each other to land face first in the sand. How they managed to do it over and over amazes me as I experienced immediate quad burn simply going half way up the dune to take photos…..I’m still feeling it now whilst typing this!!!!! I also managed to put a gash in my forehead whilst attempting to scale the dune (in order to obtain phone reception…) as a very nasty stick came leaping out of the ground at me, needless to say it bloody well hurt, however on a positive note it did get me out of dinner duty as my head ached.

Munglinup (200)
And their off.
Munglinup (200a)
It starts off nicely…
Munglinup (200b)
Until they hit the ‘jump’ they had dug out.
Munglinup (200c)
And then the proverbial hits the fan!!!
Munglinup (200d)
With heads turned and mouths closed, we can only hope for the best.
Munglinup (200e)
Then the well balanced formation is lost.
Munglinup (200f)
As the dispensible passenger at the front hits the deck.
Munglinup (200g)
And just like dominoes they fall.
Munglinup (200h)
Laughing hystericaly they are unable to save themselves.
Munglinup (200i)
In a tangle of arms and legs they roll until…..
Munglinup (200j)
Laughing with mouths wide open they hit the deck.

Waking up on the third day we were glad we were leaving as the flies came out in force, which made for some very grumpy campers whilst packing up, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief as we jumped into the car, sat back and relaxed as we headed onto our next adventure and destination on out OZLAP…….

Views of Munglinup beach from atop the sand dune.
Camp set up at Munglinup
Late afternoon chillaxing.
The infamous sand dune opposite the van.

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